Statutory Changes:-                             
1. Minor changes in UP Form XXVI Annexure II.
2. Minor changes in Haryana VAT e-Return.
3. Assam VAT Form–13 screen report provided.
4. Minor changes in Andhra Pradesh e-Return.
5. Minor changes in Chandigarh VAT Form-16.
6. Minor change in Punjab VAT Form 18, 19, 23 & 24.
7. Minor changes in Orissa Form-201 e-Return.
8. Minor changes in Excise RG-1.
Minor Changes:-
1. Tracking No. feature enabled, showing list of existing Tracking No. during data entry was taking a lot of time. Now speed improved.
2. Tracking No. Day Book report was also very slow. Now speed improved.
3. Provision made to specify path for exported files in BUSY command line using EFP tag. For example to set path for exported files to folder C:\ExportedFiles we can specify the command line as C:\BusyWin\Busy14.exe EFP=C:\ExportedFiles.
4. Trading Excise Purchase details feeding, Manufacturer Invoice no. field was small in size and full invoice no. was not visible. Now field size increased.
5. Query on Item Serial No. History was very slow if a Serial No. was searched in all items. Now speed improved.
6. Invoice designing; Multi currency related fields were not available in Bill Sundry section. Now made available.
7 Changes as per Nepal Government guidelines:
a. Standard Invoice printing, instead of TIN, PAN will be printed for both company and party.
b. Minor changes in ‘Materialised View Report’ and corresponding view in SQL mode.
c. Invoice printing, caption ‘Tax Invoice’ will be printed only on first copy of invoice. From second copy onward only ‘Invoice’ will be printed.
Bugs Removed:-
1. Partially freezing of data, an error was being generated while feeding Physical Stock voucher. Now problem rectified.
2. Minor correction in stock valuation of item(s) when an item was being used multiple times in a voucher.
3. Accounting Journal voucher being generated/modified/deleted automatically from Salary voucher; under certain circumstances while deleting the Salary voucher, the connected Journal voucher was not getting deleted automatically and then it was not possible to delete that Journal voucher manually. Now it will be possible to delete this type of Journal voucher manually.
4. Sometimes the Debit & Credit side of a Multi Currency Accounting voucher was not getting balanced causing difference in Trial Balance. Now problem rectified.
5. Option ‘Specify Item Sizing Info in Item Description’ enabled, if Item Description was being picked from Item Master, same was not being treated as Item’s Sizing Info. Now problem rectified.
6. If more than 10 aliases were specified for an item, an error was being generated while printing barcode(s) for that item. Now problem rectified.
7. POS data entry for Purchase Voucher along with Job Work adjustment entry and Job work details being maintained at voucher level, , an error ‘Duplicate Job ID’ was being shown during Job work data entry and voucher could not be saved. Now problem rectified.
8. POS data entry and BCN being scanned directly in Item grid, instead if BCN’s balance quantity, BCN’s original quantity was being picked. Now problem rectified.
9. Selective voucher approval enabled and printing disabled for unapproved vouchers, vouchers for which approval was not required were also not getting printed. Now problem rectified.
10. Minor corrections in Brokerage calculation report when generated with option ‘Calculate Brokerage for cleared bills only’.