Statutory Changes:-
1. Goa Annexure A & B eReturn as per new format.

Minor Changes:-
1. Configuring Contact Details Printing in reports, provision made to pick Party PAN No. & Optional Fields also.
2. Item BCN length increased from 15 to 20.
3. Picking Invoice details from Challan, if Item price was specified in challan and discount was specifically set to zero then at the time of invoicing price was being picked from challan and discount was being picked from item master. Now if price has been specified in challan then both price and discount will be picked from challan only.

Bugs Removed:-
1.Tracking No. related reports, generated for either Closed Only or Open Only Tracking Nos., were not showing correct data. Now problem rectified.
2. Payment/Receipt voucher in single entry mode; while specifying Sub Ledger details for an account, the total amount of Sub Ledger(s) was not getting updated in main parent account. Now problem rectified.
3. Query on Item Price, if item price was more than 99,999 same was not being shown properly. Now problem rectified.
4. UP VAT reports menu(s) were not working properly. Now problem rectified.