Statutory Changes:-
1. Andhra Pradesh Form-6 as per new format.
2. Rajasthan Form-10 eReturn as per new format.
3. Minor changes in Trading Excise Form-2 eReturn validation utility.
4. Minor corrections in Item tax rate-wise VAT summary report.

Minor Changes:-
1. Tracking No. feature enabled; while specifying Tracking No. during data entry, list of existing Tracking No. was taking a long time in loading. Now speed improved.

Bugs Removed:-
1. Physical Stock voucher feeding along with Item Serial No. details, sometimes the corresponding Stock Journal voucher was not being created with proper Item Serial Nos. Now problem rectified.
2. ‘Unit Name for Excise’ field in Unit master was not being printed in configurable invoice if excise type was manufacturing. Now problem rectified.
3. Item alt. unit enabled; during data entry if main quantity was left zero in item grid and alt. quantity was specified with some conversion factor then the main quantity was not getting updated as per the specified conversion factor. Rather it was being updated with conversion factor as specified in item master. Now problem rectified.