Statutory Changes:-

• Rajasthan ‘Form Submission’ eReturn provided.

• Punjab VAT-15 eReturn as per new format.

• Punjab VAT-20 as per new format.

• Minor changes in Chandigarh VAT-15.

• Goa VAT Annexure (A & B) e Return as per new format.
Minor Changes:-

• Bill Reference Details Input Form’s captions were not changeable like other data entry forms. Now made changeable.

• Creating new company, if country selected is Bangladesh then default financial beginning will be from 01 Jul instead of 01 Apr.
Bugs Removed:-

• Sales Return voucher; even if valid original Sales details were specified, sometimes program would not allow saving the voucher with message ‘Invalid Sales Details’. Now problem rectified.

• If GST was enabled instead of VAT, in a few reports caption ‘VAT’ was being printed instead of ‘GST’. Now problem rectified.

• If Item Master was not modifiable for a user then while opening an Item in view mode and pressing <ENTER> on critical level configuration button, an error was being generated. Now problem rectified.

• Auto creation of Invoice from Challans, sometimes the Item parameter-wise information as specified in Challans was not getting properly consolidated in Invoice. Now problem rectified.

• TDS reports on screen, summary of report on any field was not working properly. Now problem rectified.

• ‘Production Planning’ report, wrong totals were being shown. Now problem rectified.

• Using custom columns related to settlement details in Account register, in case of cancelled vouchers sometimes the values from the previous voucher was being shown. Now problem rectified.

• Screen report; sorted/filtered and then printed directly from grid, sometimes the horizontal lines between different entries were being skipped. Now problem rectified.

• Voucher replication, Service Tax details of source voucher was not being replicated. Now problem rectified.

• Item Serial No. details input with option to read Serial Nos. from barcode enabled; sometimes the barcodes were not getting read properly. Now problem rectified.